Megan’s writing has a unique way of connecting with the reader. She takes my comments and creates an inviting presence that makes the reader desire my products and helps them envision the benefits they could realize by owning any of our leisure products. I would certainly use her again for a professional editorial promoting my wares

– Brad Sweet, Holland Home Leisure

I have a very high level of satisfaction in regards to Megan’s work that requires research, appropriate writing level for intended audience, literary competence and ability to meet deadlines.

– Leo Glavine, MLA West Nova

As evidenced by its unparalleled list of awards for editorial excellence and loyal readership base, Saltscapes demands high standards from its stable of regular freelance contributors whose work we respect and trust. Megan Venner is among those regular contributors.

– Jim Gourlay, Editor-in-Chief/Co-Publisher Saltscapes Magazine

I had the privilege to work with Megan in a highly active and stressful campaign and she showed exceptional organizational and communication skills. She works well under pressure and consistently put out high quality and professional communications materials. The campaign she played a major role in developing was, in my mind, one of the most successful we have had. It achieved all of the expected outcomes and more. All in all, I would be very happy were I in a position to have a person of Megan’s talents and personal skills working for me.

– Don MacNeil, Western Canada Vice-President, Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada

Megan is great. She has fresh ideas and delivers by deadline.

– Steve Proctor, Business Editor, The Halifax Chronicle Herald

Megan pitched me a story about the disparity and paucity of care for the terminally ill in Nova Scotia. The timeliness of her subject and her treatment of this urgent issue were right on the money. I was glad to have her on board as a freelancer with The Nova Scotia Policy Review.

– Rachel Brighton, Editor & Publisher, The Nova Scotia Policy Review