Tingley Foods Press Release

Local Company Makes All-Natural Frozen Baby Food Available to Atlantic Canadian Families

Tingley Fresh Frozen Foods quadruples production to accommodate Atlantic Canada wide expansion to Sobeys stores

Lantz, Nova Scotia, March 3, 2008 – For the first time, mothers across Atlantic Canada can find all-natural, locally grown, frozen baby food in their grocery stores. Tingley Fresh Food Products is quadrupling production this year of Baby’s Harvest fruit and vegetable purees to meet growing demand. Recognizing the value of a quality Atlantic Canada product, more than 30 Sobeys stores are now carrying the frozen fruit and vegetable purees.

In support of the growth, C.E.O. Melanie Tingley will be visiting Sobeys stores in April to meet Maritimes parents and their babies. She wants to personally show families the benefits of Baby’s Harvest Purees. “I’m just very excited,” says Tingley. “As a mom, I know I’d like to know who is making my son’s food. I want to show other mothers how much love and care goes into every serving of Baby’s Harvest foods.”

Baby’s Harvest purees are free of any added sugar, salt or additives found in many jarred products, made from produce grown here in Atlantic Canada and frozen to maintain peak flavour and nutritional value.

Baby’s Harvest is unique in a rapidly growing market for all-natural foods. The purees, frozen in convenient, easy to use tubes, are a welcome solution for busy parents concerned about the quality of the first solid foods their children eat. From the freezer to the microwave to the high chair, a healthy meal for baby is ready in just one minute.

“It’s healthy, it’s convenient and it’s grown right here in Atlantic Canada,” says company CEO Melanie Tingley. “It’s everything everyone wants these days.”

With produce coming from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia farmers, Atlantic parents can give their children their quality, freshly frozen produce without incurring high financial and environmental transportation costs. Based in Lantz, Nova Scotia, Tingley Fresh Food Products believes in supporting local people and local business.

Baby’s Harvest purees come in apple, pear, sweet potato and spinach, squash and carrot. Boxes are available in the freezer section of Sobeys stores and other Atlantic Canadian markets. A full list of retailers is available online at http://www.tingleyfoods.com/.


About Tingley Fresh Food Products: Founded in 2005, Tingley Fresh Food Products came into being when single mom, Melanie Tingley began introducing solid foods to her infant son. Unhappy with commercial options, the 24 year old looked to her mother and grandmother for inspiration and began steaming and pureeing farm market fruits and vegetables. That legacy of fresh, homemade food is something Tingley Fresh Food Products wants to pass on to other Atlantic Canadian families. Baby’s Harvest foods are made with love for mothers who wouldn’t have it any other way.